Buy For Your Phone

A 30 days free trial version is available for mobile phone such as samsung, sony, lg, google pixel and huawei etc. different branded android based smartphones. You can buy a paid version for your phone on Google Play Store.

Buy For Your Windows

A 30 days free trial version is available for evaluation on windows operating system based PC and laptop. A tool designed to work on various windows systems (windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10). Also you can pick the best plan from the below that meets your needs.

Single PC
  • 1License Key
  • 1Computer
  • NOTime Limit
  • FreeUpdate
  • FreeSupport
Two PCs
  • 2License Key
  • 2Computers
  • NOTime Limit
  • FreeUpdate
  • FreeSupport
Three PCs
  • 3License Key
  • 3Computers
  • NOTime Limit
  • FreeUpdate
  • FreeSupport
Four PCs
  • 4License Key
  • 4Computers
  • NOTime Limit
  • FreeUpdate
  • FreeSupport

Questions & Answers

What payment options do you accept?
We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club credit cards, as well as Maestro debit cards issued in the UK.
Secure Payments
Your payments will be made through most convenient payment method and most SECURE protocols.
Any questions
If you have any questions, just fill in the contact form or email us at, and we will answer you shortly.
When do I receive my license key?
Your license key will be emailed to your email immediately after your payment is verified, usually it will be send within 48 hours.
Bulk purchasing
Please contact email or call us if you want to buy EL-Hyper Protector in a bigger volume and you will have considerable discount.
Legal compliance
EL-Hyper Protector is a copyrighted work of EL-Hyper Software; copyright protection is automatic; it is only for your own use and commercial use is not permitted.
Not Sure Which Plan is Right For You?

If you are in doubt of which plan to opt for, contact our managers, and we will try to help you make the right decision.