EL-Hyper Self-Monitor

You can use EL-Hyper Protector as a assistant and monitoring tool for yourself. You can regulate or make adjustment to your activities on,the computer or Internet. For example that you can use Time Controls and Self Controls option to configure an ideal time schedule and restriction policy. You can forbid any bothering websites or applications.

EL-Hyper Protector is a best tool against computer and Internet addiction. May be you are wasting your time in front of the computer or on the Internet uselessly, and this became a habit for you, clearly this will have negative effect on your daily life, sleep, rest and health. Now, you can restrict games, applications and websites for yourself by EL-Hyper Protector, and you can design a good plan to have healthy routine in using of the computer and Internet. Here, the Self Controls option will play important role.

This tool helps you to regulate:
1. your usage time of the computer and Internet (discipline work, play, rest and sleep time), so you can prevent yourself from computer and Internet addiction;
2. websites by defining whitelist and blacklist. You can restrict social websites such as facebook, twitter, VK, youtube and other any websites;
3. programmes/applications;
4. USB removable storage;
5. hard drivers;
6. specific services, and more.

The aim of the Self Controls feature is to help you to control your actions over EL-Hyper Protector. For example, let’s say that you are the one who is setting the configurations and you have the password of EL-Hyper Protector. At the same time, you were bothered or tempted yourself to use the computer or Internet uselessly and, for this reason, you logged into the EL-Hyper Protector and changed or disabled settings. So, you are wasting your precious time in front of the computer or Internet by watching movies, playing games or losing time with many other trivial, useless, or even harmful matters on the Internet, and that is becoming a habit for you. This kind of action is called, ‘computer or Internet addiction,’ in other words. Now, in this case, Self Controls can help you to stop these behaviours and regulate yourself at some points.

Other than the above case where you would want to regulate your usage time of the computer and Internet, and want to have healthy routines in the use of the computer and Internet, Self Controls is right here for you to help yourself. Also, Self Controls may help you to improve your work efficiency, and even may help for your health because it constrains you from spending long times in front of the computer and urges you to do some beneficial outdoor exercises and activities.

EL-Hyper Protector will performs its best to help you to develop healthy routine in using of computer and Internet, and protect yourself from computer and Internet addiction. Boost your work and study efficiency, improve your health and develop good routine in your life.

Who can use?

What EL-Hyper Protector Can Do

EL-Hyper Protector provides a simple, fast and robust way for your cases with various perspectives. Your matter will be solved in a cost
effective way without draining your internal resources and time. EL-Hyper Protector dressed with following multi-functionalities.

System Controls

Key points: task manager, registry, control panel/system settings, command window, date and time, powershells, system configurations, security tab, windows apps (windows 8, 8.1 and 10), 'Run' dialogue, administrative tools, windows store, add/remove programs, remote desktop, user account control (UAC), run as administrator, sticky key, sound, blueteeth, win+ keys, ease of access, screen keyboard and magnifier. There are four options provided in the 'Easy One-Click Setting Options' for your convenience. Note that some configuration requires reboot.

Website Controls

Gives you control over the access to websites on your browsers, and it is supported in major browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and 360 browsers. 'Allow only whitelist' enables you to limit websites within whitelisted websites, so users can visit only those websites which are listed on the whitelist. 'Block only blacklist' enables you to visit any websites, except those blacklisted websites; a blacklist can be website addresses and key words. Here, you can set time limits for every website on the basis of hours of days of week.

Time Controls

It consists of two controllers: Computer time controller and Internet time controller, respectively. The computer time option allows you to control the access time to the computer, while the Internet time option allows you to control usage time of the Internet. Time is based on the days of the week and hours of the day. Internet will be disabled at blocked hours on Internet Time Control option. The purpose of Time Controls is to help you to regulate the utilisation time of the computer and Internet, avoid wasting time in front of the screen and boost your work efficiency.

Program Controls

Allows you to prohibit the execution of specific window programmes in your computer. Any *.exe file type can be restricted. Sometimes you are need to block some programmes/applications in your computer so that users cannot run/use these applications after being restricted by you. Programme Controls consists of the following three options: 1) Block Common Internet Browsers. 2) Block Already Installed Programmes. 3) Add Programmes/Applications to Block.

Advanced Controls

The Advanced Controls feature enables you to perform restrictions in advanced levels. The following three functions were given: 1) Block/Disable Specific Drivers/Disks and USB Removable Storages (hide disks and blocks USB storage in your computer). 2) Block Specific Services/Ports (for example: HTTP website will be inaccessible if you block port 80). 3) Block Specific Folders (helps you to block your destination folders, so others can't open the blocked folders).

Self Controls

Allows you to lock down your own password which has been set for EL-Hyper Protector. It is also called the 'Lock Password'. You can lock the password according to the days of the months of the year, and you cannot log into the main window unless your current day matches the 'allowed days', so that you are unable make any modification to the settings in these 'blocked days', however you can access if your current day matches the 'allowed days' and then you can change the settings.

Why Protector

EL-Hyper Protector runs smoothly on windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 systems, and works perfectly with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and 360 Browser. It is worthy to note that EL-Hyper Protector runs in the background in a stealth mode (silent), and allows users to save all configurations into a file, so that they can open already-saved files at any time and import all configurations again. This helps users to save themselves considerable time, work and energy. It is free as an evaluation version for the first 30 days with its fully-functional features, please click following link to download and have experience with EL-Hyper Protector.

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